Get Awesome Client Support

Get Awesome client support: Great customer support means solving a customer’s question quickly and effectively, which requires a quality tech stack. But the human elements are just as important as the technical ones. Good customer service also involves building authentic relationships between a business and its customers.

In fact, Deloitte discovered that 60 percent of brand-loyal consumers describe their favorite brands with the same emotional language they use to describe personal relationships—words such as “love,” “happy,” and “adore.”

In other words, if a business views its relationship with customers as merely transactional, customers are less likely to remember the experience as a positive one.

What is proactive customer support?

Proactive customer service is what happens when a business takes the initiative to help a customer before the customer contacts them for help. It means trying to resolve problems at the first sign of trouble.

Personalize the experience:

67 percent of customers are willing to pay more for a great experience, according to the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

In order to truly create a connection, you need to use data to personalize the customer experience. The truth is, most customers today expect a highly tailored experience: they want a company to know who they are, what they’ve purchased in the past, and even what their preferences are. They also expect you to remember all of this information, and they don’t want to have to repeat themselves.

Provide quick customer service:

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Be proactively helpful:

When things don’t go as planned, your customer might let you hear about it. And now one customer issue has become two: fixing the original problem and trying to turn an angry customer into a happy one.

Great customer service often means anticipating your customer’s needs before they even have to tell you.

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